Demos K.

Demos is the most experienced of the group.

His love for ancient history and language is obvious from the first moment you meet him. His house and life, full of books and knowledge, he is a tour guide by day and translator of ancient texts and book editor by night. He comes from Crete and is one of the most welcoming people you will come across. His apartment is very close to the shop and he invites guests there very often for a shot of Cretan Raki.


Dimitris K.

Dimitris is a man of many talents. He plays and teaches music, has studied philosophy and pedagogy, and loves storytelling and creating stories.

He has travelled the world, worked with minorities and educating people on the benefits and uses of storytelling, through his workshops.

His love for telling stories and ancient greek history is what attracted him into doing tours but using his own unique style which them engaging and original.


Kostas D

Kostas grew up in Athens and has been doing tours for years now and has played a big part in developing this Micro-Tour company and making all the tours have a more laid-back and playful character while also being safe for all groups and ages.

He’s very social and easy going and hates taking things seriously.

When he’s not on a bike doing a tour, he loves to draw, as he is also a part time illustrator, writer and art teacher.

Many of his drawings decorate our walls and our website!

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