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Cycling Tours

The most fun and engaging way to explore Athens!
See as many things as possible, in a short amount of time.

Even though, cycling in Athens might sound like a crazy idea, it is surprisingly fun and easy.

The most fun and engaging way to explore Athens!

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Walking Tours

Tours made for the lovers of details.
Alternative tours created for people who love storytelling and diving really deep into ancient legends and modern tales.

For the lovers of details.

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Frequenty Asked Questions


Every Tour can be booked either as a Private or a Shared Tour.

Choosing any of the ‘Private Tour’ Options, ensures there will be nobody else at the tour besides you, your group and your guide. By choosing the ‘Shared Tour’, you could still end up doing the tour on your own but it just leaves the option open for other groups to join in.

Yes of course! The upper limit of eight(8) people is there to maintain the quality of our tours between strangers. Our tours are tailored specifically for groups this size. Tours for larger groups should also be tailored to fit the needs of the group, depending on it size.

So don’t hesitate to contact us, so we can set up a custom made Tour, for a larger group of people.

All tours are tailored to be very safe and we avoid driving along cars, except very rare occasions. Tours that take place in the Center, cycle in pedestrian zones and tours that go to the sea are the safest, as there’s an amazing bike path we cycle on.

Athens is a very big city (almost 4 million inhabitants) and is still bouncing back from an extended recession. As every big city center there are some minor crimes here and there but luckily there is no intense gun violence or violent crimes. Main thing you should look out for is pickpocketing which is very popular around Monastiraki Square.

Of course there are. Any bookings done at least 30 days ahead of the tour get 10% off.

Do you have more questions?
Have more questions?

What people are saying:


The combo ‘Center + Sea’ cycling tour was excellent. I enjoyed cycling through Athens and its’ less hectic suburb. Kostas was a great guide. The swim at the beach was a bonus especially on a hot day. 5* cycling tour. Highly recommended.

Hafiz A.R.

An amazing experience, seeing parts of Athens you wouldn’t normally see while getting exercise and some fresh air! Demos is a kind, knowledgeable and interesting guide to talk to and the refreshments and conversation at the end is amazing! Well worth the trip.

M. Lesthetic

Great tour! We cycled through the suburbs of Athens, down a bike path to the sea. Dimitrios was excellent company, full of information about life in Greece. We finished the tour with refreshments on a homely apartment balcony with a fabulous view of the Parthenon.

Sally L.
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