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Wir beiden haben Mitte Oktober eine City-Tour mit Dimos und zwei weiteren Gästen gemacht, die uns in bester Erinnerung bleiben wird. Es war sehr interessant, Athen von einer anderen Seite - auf zwei Rädern - zu entdecken. Die Tour umrundete die Akropolis durch mehrere Stadviertel und endete nach etwa drei Stunden bei einem herrlichen Lunch in einer typischen Taverne. Die Räder waren einwandfrei, gut für den Stadtverkehr geeignet und sehr bequem. Dimos ist ein exzellenter Fremdenführer und kann viele historische und mythologische Hintergründe schildern. Wir haben viele neue Informationen bekommen und bei all dem viel Spaß gehabt. Vielen Dank!
I absolutely recommend this tour to anyone visiting Athens! Demos is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and hospitable as I've found most Greeks to be :) During our tour, I was able to see the major historical monuments along with some fabulous city views. In addition, Demos stopped and took photographs so I would have something to remember my journey. The final stop of the tour ended on the balcony of his apartment with a fabulous view of the city (Acropolis) and traditional greek snacks. Trust me I can't recommend this tour enough!
As a graduate of Philosophy i decided to make a pilgrimage to Greece to explore it's rich Philosophical history .Considering My time limitation ,i decided to take a trip to Delphi on early Saturday morning (to see the Oracle of Delphi)after landing at Athens on Friday night .After a quick view of the Oracle of Delphi ,i took the next available Bus back to Athens and headed straight to Plato's Academy .While in Plato's Academy ,I interacted with a Gentleman and a Lady i saw there and the Lady learning of my strong passion and interests in Greek history and Philosophy quickly told me about Roll in Athens and without wasting time , she made a call to Demos and kindly passed the phone to me to speak to him .Speaking with Demos for the first time He connected so extraordinarily with me and poured so much positive energy on me , that left me with a sense of reconnecting with an old time friend .When I met with Demos on Sunday morning i met a friend and He immediately walk down with me to his office after some chat and handed me a Bike . Even in my highest limitation of time , Demos extraordinary Cycled with me through the Beautiful streets of Monastiraki to Greek histories ,cultures and philosophical thoughts/ traditions .My encounter with Demos left me with the feeling of the ineffable .Demos is a Sage and his approach of communicating wisdom is magical .Although , He is very professional , his customer service orientation remains flawless .He is an enthusiastic Tour guide who places high value in leaving the customer with a 'wow' experience far more than in money .He has Greek history and cultures at his finger tips and communicates same with passion .If i have my way , i would bring every person i know to Roll in Athens with Demos ,including : my Parents , Children (even those yet to be born ) ,Siblings and best of friends .He is the Greatest and the Best I can ever imagine in what He does .Based on my experience with him I am super-excited and happy to use his service again and I highly recommend him to everyone and anyone in need of the Service .Thank you for your kindness to me , thank you for your exceptional customer service and travel experience you gave me ,you left the wonderful memory of Greece eternally implanted into my memory . i am absolutely grateful .thank you very much !!!
Anthony (from Nigeria and resident in London )
5 stars is the minimum to rate the incredible tour and experience provided by Demos. In 4 hours of great biking, we saw various neighborhoods, the cultural center, and had a swim in the sea. Trip was started and ended on Demos' terrace, with an astonishing view on the Parthenon.
Could not have been better !
I had a wonderful tour yesterday, the highlight of my 4 day stay in Athens. My guide was fantastic, very knowledgeable and it was very interesting for me to gain an understanding of what Athens is about, both in the past and now. A really personalised experience. I visited places that it was very unlokely I would have seen otherwise. For me, the visit to the stunning architecture of the new cultural centre and library was superb. Don’t hesitate to book a tour, you won’t regret it, simply wonderful!
Demos was a great and enthousiastic tour guide. He has a tremedous understanding of Greek history/culture and takes his time to explain the interesting sites he showed us. A great experience. Thanks for making our visit so enjoyable!
Who would exspect that Athens has a bikeway where you can cycle easily without beeing bothered by the car traffic? With a friendly guidance I learned things about the city from the viewpoint of a modern athenian citizen that are far beyond 2000 year old ceramics and nowadays cliches about what is greek.
I can recommend the tour to the sea and abck to everybody who likes cycling as an alternative way to get to know Athens.
Amazing ride with an excellent guide, Dimos, who was very friendly and clearly knows the city like the palm of his hand. The tour included both ancient and more contemporary monuments, old industrial sights, and lots of places with beautiful view of the city and the sea, and it is a quite easy ride. The after-ride drink at the terrace of the Roll in Athens office, with an amazing view of Acropolis, is also unforgettable!
A very enjoyable bike tour of Athens with Lenia. Tailored to our requirements. Lenia was very informative and great Company and it was one of the highlights of our recent trip to Greece. We would highly recommend Roll in Athens as it offers a more personalised tailored service which sets them apart from the bigger operators.
Was an amazing private tour with Demos. He is the perfect guide. Although I was born in Athens , I saw and I learned a lot of new things.Was a wonderful experience and I suggest the Roll in Athens to everyone...
Bicycling in Athens. A totally innovative idea! We met ancient Athens of historical monuments and Democracy as well as modern Athens of culture and recreation, in a direct and attractive way. We have located small beautiful corners of the city away from the main tourist flow. Our guide, Demos, was extremely trained, friendly, pleasant, hospitable, with a great sense of humor. It will be unforgettable the closing of the tour, on the balcony of his apartment, with a spectacular view of Acropolis, eating honey donuts and drinking traditional “tsipouro”. I highly recommend this experience to anyone visiting the city.
Décidément il y a encore des Athéniens qui ont des idées géniales !
Traverser en vélo le centre historique d'Athènes aux pieds de l'Acropole, longer les bords d'un ancien ruisseau dans l'ombre des arbres, faire un détour dans un parc aménagé pour admirer l'architecture ultra moderne d'un centre de Conférences avant de s'extasier sur la route côtière aux bords de la Grande Bleue. Le tout sur des chemins réservés aux vélos, sans croiser de voitures sur la quasi totalité du parcours.
Notre guide Dimos adorable et drôle, nous apprend pas mal de mystères sur l'antiquité et sur la naissance de la démocratie, avec les explications et le sourire d'un Athénien contemporain et cosmopolite.
Les vélos sont très confortables et solides, une vraie ballade de santé dans le centre de la capitale, combinant l'ancien, la modernité et le bien être.
Au retour, nous avons eu la chance de prendre le goutter à la terrasse de l'appartement de Dimos qui donne direct sur l'Acropole, nous avons eu plein la vue.
Une vrai satisfaction, un délice inattendu, à ne pas manquer!
My third tour with Roll in Athens
Yesterday our group of four did a bonanza tour of some of the historical highlights of Athens city center followed by a ride down to the coast, the impressive new Niarchos Cultural Centre, and back. We clocked up many kilometers but the route is relatively easygoing, so not really tired by the end of it. An exhilarating and delightful experience: definitely enhanced by the knowledge and humour of our gracious guide.
During my 6 days stay in Athens (September 2016) I had 3 tours booked with Roll in Athens: a walking tour with Kostas, the City to the Sea cycling tour with Lenia and the City Highlights cycling tour with Dimos. I'm very happy that I had these tours as they made my stay more pleasant. It would have been a shame to go to Athens and not to have a guide to tell me things about everything I saw there and also not to ride around the city and to discover it. With the help of Roll in Athens I had the chance to see more of Athens than I could have seen by myself or by walking around the city. All my 3 tours were great, full of useful info and details about Athens and it's history and also full of fun as Lenia, Dimos and Kostas are very nice people, friendly and hospitable. I enjoyed their company very much and I really felt like I'm with friends and not with someone that is simply doing his job. I would highly recommend Roll in Athens to anyone visiting this beautiful city.

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